Where we are

Beaverton’s demographics are naturally similar to Washington County’s, where:

Vietnamese and Filipino workers have lower incomes at similar levels of education as White workers.

High-income home loan applicants who are Black are 86% more likely and Latino applicants are 125% more likely to have their home loan application denied compared to high income White potential homeowners.

Somali speaking students are 197% more likely than White students to be expelled or suspended from school.

68% of Native American single mothers with children are in poverty, a higher rate compared to 48% of Native American single mothers in poverty in the US.

We need to acknowledge and celebrate the great DIVERSITY in our community. We must pursue EQUITY by addressing structural and systemic inequities wherever we find them. We will require INCLUSIVENESS as an intrinsic quality of a culturally vibrant and economically prosperous city. I am committed to:

A City that actively works to shape policymaking and advisory boards to reflect the racial/ethnic diversity of the community.

A City that uses a framework of equity to guide policy decisions and resource allocation.

A City that works to meet the immediate needs of people experiencing homelessness through collaborative community partnerships and a culturally-responsive, trauma-informed approach.

A City with a public safety system that actively protects vulnerable populations and addresses issues that disproportionately impact marginalized communities.

A City that engages key business development entities to provide entrepreneurship resources that effectively engage underserved communities.

A City that actively promotes Beaverton’s identity as a welcoming city and supports relationship-building between immigrants and US-born community members.

…and more. So much more.