Statement on Climate Change

Jerome at a Beaverton Park

I am a candidate for Beaverton’s City Council Position 1 in the upcoming Special Election. While I promise that as a City Councilor my focus will be on the people of Beaverton, the threats posed by global climate change require the city government to set the example for wise, reasonable actions that promote sustainable growth while improving resilience for our City.

The climate is changing. The climate has always been changing, but this time it is very different in terms of speed and intensity. Climate change will negatively impact everyone on the planet and it will impact the poor the most. It is everyone’s responsibility to reduce, reuse, and recycle as well as to mitigate the effects of climate change on our most vulnerable communities.

I support implementing the City of Beaverton’s 2019 Climate Action Plan.

Watch to hear Jerome discuss his Statement on Climate Change.

As a critical thinking Councilor, I will push for:

Reducing the City’s carbon footprint by encouraging the City Manager to prioritize placing solar panels on every City owned facility and incentivize the adoption of renewable energy sources by residential and business customers.

As a civil engineer and member of Beaverton’s Community Emergency Response Team, I understand the critical importance of water. I will push for:

Providing safe and reliable drinking water. Water supply must be seen as one important step in a long, complicated process and we must be more creative than simply building seismically vulnerable storage facilities and pipelines, such as the Cooper Mountain Reservoir.

As a former public works director, I understand the importance of combining visionary thinking with solid engineering planning and design. I will push for:

Adopting a viable, city-wide Master Plan that reflects a sustainable vision of future growth. The City’s Vision Action Plan and the Comprehensive Plan are a great start, but the people of Beaverton deserve a detailed Master Plan. My focus is on improving livability through pedestrian and bicycle friendly connections to cultural, commercial, and green space zones.

Regardless of your position on the causes of climate change, the climate is changing and there are positive steps we can take now to reduce our vulnerability while promoting sustainable growth.

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