Runoff Election on September 21

I am looking forward to continuing my campaign to serve the People of Beaverton with honor, integrity, and respect. I continue to see this election campaign as a job interview and I will continue to stand on my solid record as a Veteran, an Engineer, an Educator, and a Community Volunteer.

I am the son of Filipino immigrants and I was raised in Salem. After serving our amazing Nation for 28 years in the US Army in war and peace, around the world and throughout the United States, I chose to settle in Beaverton’s Vose Neighborhood — a few blocks away from the Main Library. I immediately started serving our City and our community by volunteering with City boards and commissions, the Beaverton Severe Weather Shelter, Beaverton’s Community Emergency Response Team, Beaverton School District’s Bond Accountability Committee, and HomePlate for Youth Services Board of Directors. I also immediately started paying Beaverton property taxes, contributing to the City Tax Base from which Councilors’ salaries are paid. 

The People of Beaverton should keep in mind that Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg’s employer and major supporter is located just outside the City limits and does not contribute to the City Tax Base. Ashley technically annexed her house, previously located just outside the City limits, into the City of Beaverton in May 2020 in order to become eligible to run for City Council and has yet to pay a dime into the City Tax Base. Ashley does not appear to be interested in financially supporting our City. 

Ashley has not voluntarily served one minute in service to the People of Beaverton. Ashley has never served on a City board, commission, or committee because only City residents are eligible to be appointed to serve on those government advisory groups.

Beaverton Voters: you have a stark choice. I am a public servant and I will be focused on the People of Beaverton. I will continue to self-fund my campaign from my military pension because it is the right thing to do. My integrity is not for sale. I will donate all after tax Councilor compensation to local nonprofits because public service is not about personal monetary gain. I want to serve my neighbors and my community who are the People of Beaverton. 

I remain deeply indebted to the American People and consider public service a duty and an obligation. Every vote counts and every vote matters.