Issues on Tap with Jerome

Jerome Sibayan, candidate for Beaverton City Council Position #1 in a runoff election this September, has launched a new video podcast series, Issues on Tap with Jerome. “So often candidates offer cliché campaign platitudes about issues important to voters,” explained Sibayan, “and I wanted to truly inform Beavertonians about my views in a longer format. They deserve that transparency about who they are voting for in September.”

EPISODE 1: Why I Am Running for City Council
EPISODE 2: Beaverton City Charter
EPISODE 3: Public Safety
EPISODE 4: Transportation
EPISODE 5: Infrastructure
EPISODE 6: Climate Change
EPISODE 7: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness

EPISODE 8: Pandemic Response
EPISODE 9: …on the Lars Larson Interview
EPISODE 10: Why Beavertonians Should Vote for Jerome Sibayan

Thanks to Ickabod’s Bar & Grill for letting us record this series in one of Beaverton’s (and Jerome’s) favorite local restaurants.

Thanks to Bobby Pallotta for the awesome videography.