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Runoff Election on September 21

I am looking forward to continuing my campaign to serve the People of Beaverton with honor, integrity, and respect. I continue to see this election campaign as a job interview and I will continue to stand on my solid record as a Veteran, an Engineer, an Educator, and a Community Volunteer.

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Statement on Why I Served

I’m a retired Army lieutenant colonel Jerome Sibayan and I want to tell you why I served for 28 years—around the world and throughout the United States. My parents are Filipino immigrants. They were teenagers in the Philippines during the brutal Japanese occupation in World War 2. I served because I don’t want any American to have their experience.

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Jerome sits on a bench at a local Beaverton playground. Trees and a play structure are in the background.

Statement on Public Safety

As a 28 year Army veteran, I understand the fundamental importance of public safety as the basis for a secure and prosperous City and society. On a more personal note, I was one of maybe five students of color in my Salem high school and felt trepidation seeing a white police officer coming down the hallway.

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Jerome at the Beaverton's Severe Weather Shelter

Statement on Homelessness

When it comes to homelessness, I know that compassion and empathy are crucially important qualities for decision makers to have before creating enormous programs and throwing money at the problem. I support Beaverton’s 2019 Housing Five-Year Action Plan and believe the City has a sacred duty to make homelessness a brief and rare experience.

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Jerome at a Beaverton Park

Statement on Climate Change

While I promise that as a City Councilor my focus will be on the people of Beaverton, the threats posed by global climate change require the city government to set the example for wise, reasonable actions that promote sustainable growth while improving resilience for our City.

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Jerome at the Beaverton Library

Fundraising and Salary Statement

I will gratefully decline any further campaign contributions and will self-fund my campaign. I will also return all donations made before now. Furthermore, as an elected member of Beaverton’s City Council, I am committed to donating ALL of my after-tax compensation for serving as a Councilor to a different local nonprofit each month.

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Jerome at the Beaverton Saturday Market

Always Forward, Never Back

Let’s work together across city departments, our numerous boards and commissions, all of the neighborhood associations, business and services sector, and not-for-profit partners to innovate, recover, and grow wisely, intelligently, and sustainably.

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Where we are

We need to acknowledge and celebrate the great DIVERSITY in our community. We must pursue EQUITY by addressing structural and systemic inequities wherever we find them. We will require INCLUSIVENESS as an intrinsic quality of a culturally vibrant and economically prosperous city. This is what I am committed to.

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